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  • Design & Engineering

  • JW Molding¬†prefers to have early involvement and work as closely as possible with customer engineering departments to provide a smooth transition from product concept to full production. We have assisted many companies with the design and manufacture of short run prototypes to fully test their product before the cost of high-production tooling.

    To assure cost effective mold production, we verify all part geometry for optimum configuration, anticipating problem areas before mold machining takes place. Using 3-D CAD, many of the traditional steps in the manufacturing process are eliminated.

  • Different types of Processes for Injection Molds

    Although most injection molding processes are covered by the conventional process description above, there are several important molding variations including:

    • Insert and outsert molding
    • Low-pressure injection molding
    • Microinjection molding
    • Multicomponent injection molding(overmolding)
    • Thin-wall molding
    • Rubber injection
    • Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber